• Lisa Yass,

Felt Compelled to Share my Testimonials, I feel Blessed!

I have returned to a career I have left behind many years ago. I was a cosmetologist following High School. I found it was not what I desired as a career for life. I felt like I was only using my natural talent and not fully engaging my mind, I went on to Medical School to practice Physical Therapy ( which was a grueling journey) following the blood, sweat and tears of those years, I miraculously earned an assistants license which was one of my biggest successes!

I fast forward to 2016, I have now taken my years of practice involving the Mind, Body & Soul. I bring it ALL into the room when I treat my clients. They sense the PASSION the moment I lay my hands on them and for that, I am most humbled.

My therapy years that will continue to live on, my personal training years, my hairdressing years and most most favorite, my yoga practice , all this coupled with my 10 yr old daughter & supporting husband, has created the woman I am today. I share it with each and every one of you that allow me to work my magic on you! I thank you for supporting me in this endeavor. It is truly a pleasure doing what you LOVE! I feel blessed.

Here is some feedback from those that have experienced what I provide.

" I am a mamma of 2 very little humans, I rarely get a moment to relax or even get pampered". " I felt BOTH of these things and more. Thank you for the amazing facial!"

"Thank you for such a relaxing and enjoyable experience". " One of the BEST facials I have had in a long time"!

" I liked the way Lisa Incorporated the hands, head and feet with the facial". "She is very knowledgeable about her trade". My skin looks healthy and feels smooth".

" This was my 1st experience having a facial and it was AMAZING". Thank you so much for the advice and providing such a relaxing experience". I feel very ZEN!

leaving it all behind....sink deep into the moments of pure bliss...

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