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Meditation in the Corporate setting!!

I was thrilled when I heard from one of my clients that her company is introducing ways for the employees to cope with stressors throughout the daily grind of work life and beyond.


I embarked into the world of mediation over 2 decades ago! My guider taught me to take 5 minutes! FIVE MINUTES IS ALL??!!

Yes, five minutes , just BE!

I was reluctant coming from a totally different background!

Its all there, in the BREATH!

Focus on the inhalation and the exhalation as well as the space between the two!

It took me years to master this process, it gets me through some very difficult issues, some very hard circumstances. It sounds so simple but to become the witness of ourselves, like watching ourselves, our life play out on a stage as we watch our breath.its truly mastery!

As many of you know, I am a seasoned meditator and I will be happy to guide you , lead you to that balance we are desire!

Lisa Passaro, your healer

904 315 6464

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