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                  The                              Healing Arts:   

Massage           &             Clinical

Therapy                       Body Work

Learn to channel stress, release past experiences, balance current situations. This leads you on the path of "tapping in" to the life that is within.

Create harmony throughout your body.

Treat your body like the temple that it is!

 During the treatment, intention is focused on the Whole Body from your Feet to your Head.The depth of  pressure varies according to patients tolerance.

60 min.  $ 100.00

80 min.  $120.00


Additional Services:

Scalp Massage: $15.00

Hand and/or Foot Massage:$20.00

Percussion Gun: 20 min. $10.00

CBD by Cause+medic in areas of need,$10.00

Clinical Body Work  Utilizing my 21year background balancing the musculoskeletal system allows me to perform tests to establish which muscle(s) need balancing followed by the appropriate treatment protocol.

Intention Focused On One Area : 60 min. $100.00                   

Intention Focused On One Area: 80 min. $120.00                                                    


**Isolated Therapeutic Exercise can be implemented along with a Stretching Program for an additional fee, discussed when needs are assessed.

Chair Massage

Relieve tension from your day sitting at your desk &  staring at a computer...try a CHAIR MASSAGE!

20 min,. $ 35.00

30 min $ 45.00

Hot Stone Massage

80 min. $120.00

Warm the tissues as I take you on a blissful journey.

Services are performed in my home in a ZEN environment.
Call for details
Lisa Passaro ( 904) 315-6464
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