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Ladies.. SAY NO to Testosterone

I can honestly say that most women that I have met in my extensive career in the fitness and medical field have been fearful to LIFT heavy weight. They feel they will look like men. This is a false premise. Women dont have the levels of testosterone that men do. Unless you ingest horomones and various other types of drugs that can enhance muscle, you will not get " big" like a man.

When you lift weight, the amount of resistance should be hard enough to rate yourself on a exertion scale. The scale is simply from 1-10 with 10 being the hardest as if the sensation is the muscle is rippin off your body. A level 8/10 is a simple baseline following a set of 10 -12 to test the appropriate weight. The sets for strength gains are 3 for a rep count between 10-12.

We all strive to look sleek, lean and strong. I am lifting at my heaviest following a starting age of 18. The men at my gym tell you I embaress them! I just smile and say , challenge yourself. If your form is perfect, allowing the joint to go through full range of motion, you will not strain yourself. Most of the clients I workout around are not sure how to lift properly, they fear getting hurt.

Aside from allowing you to defy age, the endorphine release that you get from lifting is what makes me want to come back for more!

Muscle burns fat at rest. The more lean muscle tissue you put on your body, the more fat you burn at rest.


The key to sucess is what I can provide for each and every one of my patients and clients regardless of age. Educating you about your muscles, allowing them to work at thier optimal performance, while ensuring safety is key. To learn how to maximize force while protecting your joints is critical.

The energy given to fear of getting too big should be re directed into looking and feeling your best at any age!


I can show you the way to acheiving your goals, I can create the long lasting results..let me show you how!

Lisa Yass PTA/personal trainer/ esthetician

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