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Updated: May 2

Yogi 4 life..

I remember when I was young growing up in NY, when people spoke about YOGA, it was like a planet far, far away. As we fast forwarded to present day 2016, YOGA comes in full circle and has emcompassed the masses. I will hear some people say it is not for them, its for the flexible group, its for "calm people" ( thats my FAV, LOL). These are all false.

YOGA has many forms and each one is a special style. You can try Vinyasa, Hatha or Power, for example. Each part of your practice should be specific to your desired goals. Meditation is a source of Yoga that should always be practiced. As my Yogi told me over 15 yrs ago, "Just sit quietly for 10 -15 min a day , regardless of how the day was". Its easier said than done Ive learned but I have mastered it and without it, I cant focus. Let me show you the way to reach within and allow it to remain part of your well being. The following is one of my favorite quotes that I experience each and every time I reach deep within during my Yoga practice daily.


In my travels, I spent time with a great yogi. Once he said to me,

"Become so still you hear the blood flowing through your veins".

One night as I sat in quiet. I seemed on the verge of entering a world inside so vast. I know it is in the source of ALL of us.


Make it a Healthy Day!

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