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The Healing Arts

This is an extension of my Trees of Life Wellness!

Introducing "The Healing Arts" This part of my practice will be encompassing all 5 of my Wellness licenses. I will be offering an introductory price for one hour of BODY WORK for $79.00!! I will offer MOBILE to your home for an extra fee for set up,gas ect. The regular price will be competitive, compared to others that do not have my extensive 17 year career working with the body.

Regular prices will start at $120.00 ,mobile at $135.00. Combo skin, body will be offered OR you can build your own. The menu of choices will endless! You can combine body work with skin care. You can have only one painful body part tended to OR you can have a FULL BODY from your Scalp to your toes! It is heaven on earth!

Heal your BODY, MIND & SOUL!

Treat your body like the temple that it is! Let me teach you how..

As always, be well

Lisa Yass (904) 315-6464

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