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The Healing Arts

I am full of excitement as I embark on another journey to expand my multiple services! I notice many of my patients and clients ask me why do I have so many licenses. I wanted to separate myself as a practitioner & expand my services. I have been a Physical Therapist Assistant for 16 years along with a Personal Trainer for over 20 yrs! This program I am involved with, and soon to be licensed in, is a unique approach to treating the body. It is referred to as CLINICAL BODY WORK. The choices of services will be decided based on client/patient goals .Following a full evaluation of what your goals are and what I feel is needed to created an overall well -balance being.

Many of us are not aware of how far back Massage Therapy goes. 5,000 B.C. is where is all began! The use of the therapeutic touch was depicted on many works of art. Hippocrates, who was the Father on Modern Medicine dates back to 460-375 B.C. To this day, many patients that have been diagnosed with cancer go to the Hippocrates Institute in West Palm Beach ,Florida to be treated. They look at the "WHOLE SELF". This is what I have been practicing for nearly 20 yrs! I take the WHOLE BODY and perform a full evaluation to what the body NEEDS in order to be BALANCED. All 12 systems performing like an orchestra. This creates Homeostasis in the body, FREE OF PAIN, FREE OF DISEASE!

Body work is a term used for any therapeutic or personal self - development practice. I will be offering massage, healing touch, movement and energy work, This is how THE HEALING ARTS was created. It is an extension of my Trees of Life Wellness services. I will be treating any issue that may arise in the body from the head ( Vishy scalp massage) to the feet( reflexology) & anywhere in between. I can provide strength training, weight loss modules, yoga, meditation..the list is endless. Those of you whom I treated know how individualized my services are. I go above and beyond to achieve goals! This is true for myself and for my patients and clients.. THE ALL OR NOTHING APPROACH !

With my extensive years of practice with healing and educating my patients and clients. it is truly a pleasure to extend my services so we can all become our OWN HEALTH ADVOCATE from the outside( Skin) to the inside( organs).

I look forward to MARCH 2018 when I can extend my knowledge and pass it on to YOU!

Be well!

Lisa Yass

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