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Those of us who "TAP IN"

I wanted to share something very profound that I have learned over the years of being a YOGI. Those of us who are able to " TAP IN" know what I am referring to. I have been practicing YOGA & MEDITATION for over 15 years. It truly changed my life. I can tell you it is PRACTICE! When I come in contact with those who can relate, I can tell immediately!! One of these people is one of my most loyal clients! She brings me " GIFTS" monthly. One such gift was a book by Dr. Lancer who is a dermatologist in Beverly Hills for over 20 yrs. Is is called "Younger" She bought this book for me because as she says" its exactly what you taught me". (I do practice what I preach in all aspects of my Wellness practice.) I could not wait to find time to actually sit with this book and learn about all this Dr. had to share.

This client has a chronic skin issue and had tried everything !!! I had offered her some products from a company I proudly carry that is all natural and organic which is woman owned :) Her issue was severe and with using ONE of several products she purchased ,within 5 days, the issue was resolved!! The reason behind the book is the recipe for this clients problem was listed item by item in this book !!! She said she felt compelled to get back to the book store and purchase this for me!

I am so thankful for all of you. You have allowed my dream to be reborn. THANK YOU for your business!!

Please keep a close watch for upcoming summer specials!

Be well.

Lisa Yass

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