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I am a Food Network fan. I come from a family of gourmet cooks. My grandmother was an owner of 2 successful restaurants in NY. I learned from the BEST! I recently saw an advertisement on Food Network for an upcoming show called Ginormous!! This man who is participating in this disaster is showing him ingesting food items that are GIGANTIC that he is shoving down his throat! As I'm watching this, I am feeling rather sick inside knowing how hard his systems need to work to break all that down. I can't believe that this is allowed to be publicized!! We have a severe epidemic in our country with Obesity. Is anyone listening to what it happening as a result of a lifetime of poor food intake??

The end result of eating more than what we can burn off results in a very poor equation. Continually eating poorly sets up for a life of devastating disease entities. Some examples include Cardiovascular disease, Crohn's disease, Heart Disease, Diabetes and Cancer. This list is just scratching the surface. It typically will take a DR. to tell us to make dietary changes. Why then? Why not learn to make wise choices, see the results coupled with a work out routine. There is no need to DIET, you gradually make changes , changes that you can feel and see. Learning how to balance your life with food intake and exercise will allow you to feel so energized!

I can show you the path of a lifetime change, A change that will change not only how you feel but how you look!! The energy levels you can experience when you make healthy choices are astounding! You can learn how MUCH food is REALLY in a serving size, not a GINORMOUS size, we all know what that looks like!!

Please don't take part of GINORMOUS! It is truly a disgrace!

Experience the difference!

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