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I have chosen not to make any resolutions since I was a teenager. I was the type who set short and long terms goals through my journey. This plan seemed to work much better for me, as a result, I was able to stick to my goals and reach them in a quick manner.

An example is making a resolution to go on a DIET and join a GYM starting Jan. 1. By Feb. 1, most of the effort to change your eating habits and stick to an exercise routine has been diminished.

Try to set your short term goals that can be reached within 4 wks. Such a goal can be an attainable reach is to try my 24 day challenge, You will experience a cleansing portion the first 10 days which incorporates eating 3 meals a day with smart snacking in between. The remaining days of the challenge will involve minerals & vitamins which can help stabilize what it missing from a daily intake. This plan along with a strict strength training routine will allow you to see results! The results will pave a path for a lifestyle change, NOT A DIET!

I will follow you on the 24 day challenge. I can offer many easy recipes that can be very satisfying. I can offer assistance with food shopping along with a list of items you should always in your reach. This will eliminate the need of sabotaging.

I wish all of my clients and patients a healthy and successful year. May it bring all your wishes and dreams to life.

Reach out to me if you want to get results! I am here to help with all your Wellness needs!

Experience the difference!

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