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Work every muscle, NOT only the Quads!

For those that truly know me, you know I am a GYM RAT! It all started when I was 16 and my Aunt ( who is only 7 yrs older than me) took me to her Gym. Back then, I basically took classes which allowed me to fall in love with my body. However, I did NOT see the sculpting of the whole body until I started to weight lift! I am asked by men, " how do you lift that heavy with you being so petite"? I KNOW HOW to lift correctly, I KNOW HOW to balance my routine allowing for each muscle of both my Upper and Lower Body to be worked with every and every workout.

What I see at my Gym are the trainers ONLY focusing on the clients QUADS! This is our front thigh muscle which is responsible for knee extension. They tend to disregard the severe muscle imbalances these clients already have!! They are feeding into the issue with muscle imbalances. My husband, Dr. Mitchell Yass and I see it with each patient we have treated over the past 20 yrs!

You need to have an overall general body routine. This includes your UPPER AND LOWER extremities. You can get your whole body in 2 times a week. You can perform legs, shoulders and tricep and the 2nd day , you perform back, chest , bicep. Make sure you hit your abs each session .It only takes 2 times a week to strength train, this routine can be used ONLY if you DO NOT have a severe muscle imbalance.

Please STOP the lunges with NO resistance and you are walking from one end of the gym to the other. You causing a TON of stress on your knee joints.

Please STOP with jumping ballistically up and down a HUGE STEP! This is destroying your hip flexors!

Please STOP working your chest when you have NO back muscles! This is pulling your into a forward posture!

I design programs for people AFTER a full assessment. not just a height , weight and goal sheet. I include postural analysis and manual muscle testing. MY RESULTS ARE FOR LIFE, no gimmicks. I provide you a full understanding how to implement your routine in a safe, goal driven way.

Reach out if you want to learn about your body, how to reach goals & how to CHANGE YOUR LIFE!


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