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Obesity rates rising among women and teens!

A new study from the U.S. Center for Disease Control & Prevention have published this recently. Its alarming to understand that 41% of Women and 35% of Men are Obese! This is up 2 % overall from a decade ago. Teens rose form 17 % to 21 %!! Globally, , 1.9 billion adults are overweight OR obese!. This will certainly be an equation to set up for future health problems such as diabetes, kidney complications, certain cancers and heart disease! Imagine the costs of treating all these issues. It is staggering!!

There are several myths regarding this topic. It can be a lack of funds to be able to eat an adequate diet on a daily basis along with a lack of movement. It seems most of our every day food items have increased dramatically over the past few yrs. Organic foods need to certainly lower the price points, in my opinion. This will allow more of us to eat CLEAN and it sets up an equation to eat less preservative based foods. We all must GET MOVING!

Putting muscle on your body burns FAT at rest! If you can start to lift weights and cut your troubled food habits by finding a balance , you will see the FAT shed off! We had a patient who originally came to us with knee pain. This issue was resolved very quickly utilizing The Yass Method. This patient noted as she was strength training , healing along the way, she reported a significant drop in weight! She figured out the correlation between strength increasing with weight loss. She went from a size 28 to a size 6 in 6 months.

Feel free to reach out and allow me to educate you on how to create a balance in your life!

Look great & feel revitalized! WHY WAIT?

Consider trying my 24 day challenge! I will guide you through a 24 day life changing event!

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I suggest performing a WHOLE BODY CLEANSE! Strive to eliminate any animal meat, eat clean , exercise and watch those pounds melt off!! Obesity is defined when your BMI( BODY MASS INDEX) is over 30 %.

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