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Nourishing & Anti- Aging SKIN CARE which Nourishes, Heals & Revitalizes. 26 DEAD SEA minerals occur naturally allowing our LARGEST ORGAN to bathe in the ingredients that cleanse, exfoliate & moisturize. 50 min. $79.00


Foot & Hand Scrubs​

DEAD SEA Salt & Oil Scrub is applied  to the hands and feet infusing in the nutrients which leave the feet and hands silky & soft. Removal with a warm towel. 15 min. $20.00


The moderate vacuum sensation you will experience removes the DEAD SKIN that lays on the 1st layer of  the SKIN... The Epidermis. Full examination of SKIN prior with extractions if necessary.  Includes Mini Facial  & Scalp Massage. 50 min. $25.00


Massage Therapy/Clinical Body Work

Individualized treatment is provided with each clinical evaluation. Based on a functional assessment or simply a relaxation session.Prices & sessions vary , please refer to massage therapy page for breakdown of services & prices.


Personal Training

One on One Analysis is provided acheiving full optimal function. Full Body Strength Training Workout can be completed 2 times a week!  

60 min. $75.00. Weight loss modules are available upon request.



Relaxation techniques along with tapping into meditative channels to learn the way to  set a path to enlightment. One on One . 30 min. $25.00.


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