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PCA peels cater to a wide array of Skin Issues. You may relate to one or more of these examples of Skin Issues and allow the products to create their magic along with the Home Care regime we suggest.

If you experience Sensitive Skin, try the Sensi Peel, this peel is preventative. We find it works best on Problematic Skin such as Roseacea. 30 min. $90.00

If you experience Aging Signs such as Wrinkling , Dehydrated or Laxity to name a few, try the Ultra Peel One.

30 min. $105.00

If you experience Hyperpigmentation,try the PCA peel with Hydroquinone, Hydroquinone helps promote even Skin Tone. 30 min. $105.00

 Trees of Life Wellness

 offers the entire line of this RESULT DRIVEN 


  PCA skin created by          Dermatologists.  



   for your Face& Body

Body Peels created by PCA Skin promote an even Skin Tone & Clear Complexion for the arms, legs, back, chest, hands and feet.


Session time & Price dependent on areas being treated.

30-50 min. $50.00 & up

         Add-ons for ALL PEELS:

Therapeutic Masks- $115.00.


There are  numerous Mask options to chose from including Papaya, Oak Milk, Pumpkin & Salicylic Acid. Each one is specifically designed for your Skin Care Needs.Includes Mini- Facial. 

50 min.$85.00



Scalp Massage with Oils, stimulates vital organs -  $10.00



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