I am now a provider of a Hawaiian ancient practice called LOMI LOMI. This sacred practice can cleanse your body of toxins, clear your mind of negative thoughts and allow yourself to become centered.

You will be taken through a journey of my hands channeling through every muscle on your body! We focus on the breath, we focus on allowing the muscles to relax, no need to FIX anything through this process, just BE!

Let me guide you...

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I suggest performing a WHOLE BODY CLEANSE! Strive to eliminate any animal meat, eat clean , exercise and watch those pounds melt off!! Obesity is defined when your BMI( BODY MASS INDEX) is over 30 %.

Recommended foods include: PROTEINS: Dry roasted nuts ( watch the portion sizes) aim for about 12 almonds ,for example Skinless, boneless chicken breast( 3-4 oz for women, 1 inch thick and 4-6 oz for

I’m lucky enough to have orthopedic background from my 21 years of having physical therapy background as a Physical Therapist Assistant, Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist. My technique is very u